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PressCamp is by far the most productive media interface available for cycling industry brands. This is the result of Lance and Chad's thoughtful organization and understanding of how to create the best atmosphere for networking - a stunning location, great meals and an interview schedule that benefits everyone. We return year after year because of the great coverage our products receive as a result of attending.
- Pivot Cycles
Beyond the intimate nature, the time frame is uniquely relaxed, giving editors quality time with brands, and a look product that, often during the fall show season, can be glossed over by editors amid the constant deluge of appointments. With just a few key brands to focus on, the brands at PressCamp get our full undivided attention, meaning we're not only not glancing at our watches in anticipation of our next appointment. Rather, we have an opportunity to absorb the technical details that can often be missed during a hectic meeting during the chaotic fall season. With the laid-back scheduling program, our only concern then becomes sorting out what roads or trails we'll test the product they're showing us testing that often occurs just minutes following meetings.
- LAVA Magazine
I wish that all of our marketing activities had the same impact and quantifiable impact as PressCamp.
- Ridley USA
PressCamp brings in a large and diverse group of editors representing a considerably high number of titles. The set-up with pre-scheduled 45-minute appointments and all Camp functions, editors and brands under one roof make the entire event very efficient.
- Bosch eBike Systems
I hate bike trade shows. Talking shop and shaking hands under fluorescent lights is awful. PressCamp thankfully, is just the opposite. By meeting people in individual rooms, getting to ride with them in the afternoon and hanging out at night, we not only get a much better sense for the product, but we're able to build lasting relationships. And in this industry, relationships count for a lot. I wish everyone would take notes and start paying attention to how PressCamp runs things.
- WIRED Magazine
As a young company in the ultra competitive protectives market, it can be difficult to garner long lasting relationships with media. How does a young brand stand out amongst the giants? For Kali Protectives, the answer has been PressCamp. The unique environment has helped us develop long lasting relationships with editors from a variety of endemic and non endemic sources. These relationships have led to many great rides, friendships, and quality editorial. There is no way we would have developed these relationships so quickly without an environment like PC.
- Kali Protectives
Having attended PressCamp in the past and planning to be at this summer's event, it is become a must-attend event for the media. It's a great opportunity to get that one-on-one time with suppliers who have an opportunity to fully explain their products. As so many products--from wheels to drivetrains to composite layups have gotten more complex--having a chance to fully understand the technology and innovation these products employ is critical for all editors--trade as well as consumer.
- Bicycle Retailer & Industry News
Press Camp offers a unique opportunity that can not be had anywhere else. What is it? Where can you go and have 30 people from the press that are there exclusively for you? It's like having your cake and eating it too! Great surroundings, awesome layout, and totally inclusive. Just show up and set-up. Not only that, the attention to detail and support is top shelf.
- BionX
Apart from perhaps an invitation to tour a manufacturer or vendor's campus, PressCamp is the best opportunity for us to take a deep dive into a what a company is doing. The twice a year events are a great way for us to build relationships. Although I work hard while at Presscamp, It's really a treat to be able to get out and ride and have some fun. GearJunkie has built a following with our readers in the bike industry and Presscamp has been a significant part of that.
- Gear Junkie
Clif Bar has been a consistent participant in Press Camp from the beginning. We return year after year simply because it's a super efficient way to meet multiple editors from the bike industry's most important titles in one bike-friendly setting. Instead of heading out on the road to multiple cities and visiting editors in their hectic, deadline-driven work environments, we instead get to spend relaxed, quality time with each in an environment that's conducive not just to product introduction, but to actually building relationships.
- Clif Bar
PressCamp's Summer and Winter events have become key dates on the Road Bike Action editorial calendar. Our editors attend countless media events each year, but PressCamp is unique in that it provides us with the opportunity to meet with dozens of bike industry representatives in one location for a few dedicated days of new product presentations, a relaxed social environment that we don't experience at traditional trade shows, and, best of all, epic rides. The personal connections our editors have forged with various product managers and marketing representatives at PressCamp over the past few years have become invaluable to our organization.
- Road Bike Action Magazine
Interbike is great and all, but it's tough for attending editors to get more than a cursory understanding of products and companies given the time constraints of a buying show. PressCamp allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with a range of innovative cycling companies and then try out much of the gear the same day. Not only does that lend itself to a wide range of immediate story ideas but it builds relationships as well, and such relationships lead to long-term story generation. I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a stellar event. We were fortunate to attend.
- DT Swiss
PressCamp is the perfect blend of information and hands on access, not just to the product but to the people behind it, which lets us really dig much deeper into the story then we ever could at a tradeshow. Plus the local riding is amazing, providing a killer venue to test the bikes. It's the best of both worlds.
- Bike Rumor
Just wanted to extend my thanks for a great event. I had a great time and formed bonds with the editors that would have been very difficult otherwise. Being fairly new into the industry, this venue helped me get to know everyone much faster. I feel like I'm ahead of the game. Once Interbike rolls around, it will be like seeing old friends. I love that!
I thought PressCamp was great. I never get to spend that kind of time with reps from the smaller and mid-size companies. The experience has already led to stories in our magazine (November issue) and online and will help shape coverage in our spring cycling special.
- Outside Magazine
I love PressCamp because it gives me something that's hard to get at other trade events: one-on-one time with people in an uninterrupted environment. It's a chance to have a focused conversation about their products.
- Red Kite Prayer
PressCamp is the perfect opportunity to get the attention of authoritative, targeted cycling media audiences in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere free from the constraints of an expo or a press release. It's also the perfect opportunity to solicit real-time product feedback and gauge the market from category experts. Cyclocross Magazine values these opportunities to ask and learn about product details specifically relevant to our audience, and our readers value our ability to present objective first-hand product information and images outside of a booth or studio.
- Cyclocross Magazine
For me, PressCamp was a great opportunity to get info about a lot of companies and new products quickly and efficiently. I ended up reviewing at least a half-dozen of them in my L.A. Times column within a couple months, and I'm not done yet. And the riding wasn't half-bad, either.
- Los Angeles Times
I think PressCamp is a great direction for the industry to take. The focused presentations and the no-distractions opportunity for journalists to interact directly with brands is unique, and remarkably productive. Obviously, the opportunity for manufacturers to communicate a brand message directly to the media is critical. But even more importantly, the quality interactions with brands in an intimate setting allow for relationship building and fuller understanding of the products and the people behind them. Huge trade shows will always play an important role in the cycling industry, but smaller, media-only events like PressCamp are great for small brands to get the kind of undivided media attention that is typically reserved for only the biggest industry players.
- VeloNews
I've been to all seven summer press camps - I love them. It's the mix of intimacy and some great riding that's the clincher for me, two birds with one stone. And relationships built at PressCamp have gone on to be extremely useful when at other industry events.
- Bike Biz UK
It was a fantastic event, very well organized and executed. It was fun to meet with and get to know the editors that were in attendance.
- Lazer Helmets USA
Why do I consider Press Camp a 'must do'? It's not because it's the chance to see the latest products and ride bikes on some killer trails in the sunshine (although that's quite a draw...) No, it's the connections. It's the fact that a single, 40 minute, one-to-one meeting with a manufacturer can be worth more than a dozen glancing interactions in a crowded, noisy show hall. It gives me a chance to quietly hear what their company is about - and likewise, introduce them to Singletrack Magazine, without having to worry about being heard above the din of the Euro-disco in the next door booth, or worrying how I can wrap it up and get to Hall A-3 in four minutes' time. Having the chance to then continue that chat over dinner, over cocktails or on the bikes on some kick ass trails means that when I meet that person again, even if it subsequently IS in a crowded show hall, then we'll be able to continue where we left off, rather than having to reintroduce ourselves year on year. The connection has been made.
- Singletrack Magazine, UK