Who we are

With a combined history of over 50 years in the cycling industry, we really do understand the changing landscape and the needs of retailers, media and manufacturers alike. During our careers we have done everything from operating retail stores, working in roles from sales, procurement, customer service and marketing for a variety of manufacturers and eventually these experiences culminated in us overseeing the single largest cycling tradeshow in North America.

Now we produce high quality, intimate trade events. The types of events we always wanted for ourselves in the various roles we have worked in. We are quick to offer solutions for specific needs that go above and beyond and we always work hard to anticipate challenges and serve our customers and attendees at the highest level of quality.

Lance Camisasca – ECRM, SVP of Active Lifestyle - Lance has been involved in sales, marketing and event production for better than 35 years. He is passionate about the cycling industry he has spent a lifetime working in, is an avid cyclist and a long time bike advocate. In 2009 he founded Lifeboat Events LLC, the creators of PressCamp. He is now in the inspiring position at ECRM to bring PressCamp’s to new industries, while further evolving the PressCamp blueprint to meet new B2B demands across many active lifestyle industries.

Chad Battistone – ECRM, Director of Business Development - From part-time wrench to retail store manager, from manufacturers to international trade show executive, there are few hats Chad has not worn in the cycling industry. He has dedicated his professional career in trying to grow the industry as a whole and align himself with people who are looking to do the same thing.

Contact us:
Sales & Marketing - Lance Camisasca, SVP of Active Lifestyle , ECRM - lance@PressCamp.com

Logistics & Marketing - Chad Battistone, Director of Business Development, ECRM - chad@PressCamp.com